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The Town Council unanimously adopted the Comprehensive Long Range Plan on March 8. The amended CLRP includes:

  • The consolidation of existing goals and policies;
  • The addition of goals addressing community health and housing;
  • Clarification of the role of the future land use map;
  • Expansion of the role of greenways to enhance mobility throughout the town and region;
  • Recognition of the importance of maintaining the existing housing stock;
  • Increased emphasis on the importance of an informed citizenry and public participation;
  • Directives to monitor levels of public services and to base capital and service expenditures on the cost-effective provision of those services;
  • Updates to the future land use map to better reflect existing and planned land development patterns;
  • Updates to socioeconomic data included within the plan; and
  • The update of the Town’s plan implementation program to set priorities for plan implementation actions.

The full text of the amended CLRP may be reviewed at the Department of Planning and Development, 180 SW Broad Street, Southern Pines, North Carolina or in the document center of